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To aid DX...
Drag the slider to adjust the compass to the current direction Net Control is pointing his beam. The position is then shared in real-time to all viewer of this page, helping DX know when to best make contact with Net Control.

Join us Monday - Sunday 8 AM mountain time (14:00 UTC) on 144.2 MHz USB and here on this Chat page. Currently there is no net control operator Sunday, just free form.

    Some who've checked in...

    Net Control stations backgroundDX-to-Denver stations backgroundother stations, omitted
    Callsign Name City ST Grid Member Content
    WA7KYM Duane Cheyenne WY DN71nb father of the BeamSpinners Net item2 item3 item4
    WE7L Duncan Elizabeth CO DM79qh Net Control: Tues, Thurs, Sat; UNLESS HE HAS SEVERE WX! § QRV 2m JT & FLDIGI modes item2 item3
    K0OJ OJ Greeley CO DN70pk Net Control: Mon, Wed, Fri item2
    AC0ZX Gerald Kimball NE DN81ef
    AE7YA Dwight Casper WY DN62su
    K5UOT Smitty Clovis NM DM84jj
    K9VSW Mike El Prado NM DM76el QRV 2m MSK144, WSPR, JT modes
    KA5EBL Bob Clovis NM DM84jk
    KG0IJ Steve Hawk Springs WY DN71tr
    N0LL Larry Smith Center KS EM09os
    N0YK Chad Scott City KS DM98ml item1 item2
    N5EPA Bob Edgewood NM DM64vx
    N5JEH Ed Albuquerque NM DM65rd QRV 2m MSK144, JT modes
    N7AOK Ralph Evansville WY DN62ww QRV 2m JT modes
    N7KA Arne Corrales NM DM65qf
    W7QQ Bill Santa Fe NM DM65sb
    WA0SIK Fred Jefferson CO DM79dg
    WD0BQM Jim Mitchell NE DN81cw
    KB0ZOM Ben Hastings NE EN00tn QRV 2m JT & Fldigi modes
    W0SD Ed Wessington Springs SD EN04 South Dakota VHF net control 144.270 MHz Sunday evenings 7PM mountain
    WA0VJR Butch Wallace KS DM98ev