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To aid DX...
Drag the slider to adjust the compass to the current direction Net Control is pointing his beam. The position is then shared in real-time to all viewer of this page, helping DX know when to best make contact with Net Control.

Join us Monday - Sunday 8 AM mountain time (14:00 UTC) on 144.2 MHz USB and here on this Chat page. Currently there is no net control operator Sunday, just free form.

    Some who've checked in...

    Net Control stations backgroundDX-to-Denver stations backgroundother stations background, sorted
    Callsign Name City ST Grid Member Content
    WA7KYM Duane Cheyenne WY DN71nb father of the BeamSpinners Net item2 item3 item4
    K0OJ OJ Greeley CO DN70pk Net Control: Mon, Wed, Fri item2
    WE7L Duncan Elizabeth CO DM79qh Net Control: Tues, Thurs, Sat; UNLESS HE HAS SEVERE WX! § QRV 2m JT & FLDIGI modes item2 item3
    AC0ZX Gerald Kimball NE DN81ef
    AE7YA Dwight Casper WY DN62su
    K9VSW Mike El Prado NM DM76el QRV 2m MSK144, WSPR, JT modes
    KB0ZOM Ben Hastings NE EN00tn QRV 2m JT & Fldigi modes
    KG0IJ Steve Hawk Springs WY DN71tr
    N0LL Larry Smith Center KS EM09os
    N0YK Chad Scott City KS DM98ml item1 item2
    N5EPA Bob Edgewood NM DM64vx
    N5JEH Ed Albuquerque NM DM65rd QRV 2m MSK144, JT modes
    N7AOK Ralph Evansville WY DN62ww QRV 2m JT modes
    N7KA Arne Corrales NM DM65qf
    W7QQ Bill Santa Fe NM DM65sb
    WA0SIK Fred Jefferson CO DM79dg
    WD0BQM Jim Mitchell NE DN81cw
    WQ0P Greg Saint Marys KS EM19wf
    AA0RX Gary Fort Collins CO DN70ml
    AB0DV Frank Littleton CO DM79kn item1 item2 item3
    AB0MY Bill Boulder CO DN70ib
    AB5SI Jim Colorado Springs CO DM78ou
    AC0YV Mike Greeley CO DN70pj
    AD0HT Zach Kiowa CO DM79sh
    AD0JP Greg Fort Collins CO DN70ll
    AG0DX Robert Longmont CO DN70le
    AG5CQ Mike Aurora CO DM79nq item1
    K0ALE Mike Denver CO DM79ls
    K0BAN Philip Evans CO DN70pj
    K0BUM Bryan Broomfield CO DM79kv
    K0CI Steve Colorado Springs CO DM78ow
    K0DJV Paul Lyons CO DN70if
    K0ELS Smitty Colorado Springs CO DM78pv
    K0GPA Bob Lakewood CO DM79kp item1
    K0GWR Gil Colorado Springs CO DM78ou
    K0IMJ Gary Westminster CO DM79lu
    K0MLD Mark Conifer CO DM79hm
    K0PV Don Aurora CO DM79or
    K0RI Lou Colorado Springs CO DM78px QRV 2m JT modes
    K0RZ Bill Boulder CO DM79jx
    K0TJL TJ Denver CO DM79lr
    K3GYK Kevin Thornton CO DM79nx
    K6VPE Bill Greeley CO DN70pk
    KA0YXC Jim Lakewood CO DM79kq
    KA0YXC Jim Lakewood CO DM79kq
    KA7VIS Joe Cheyenne WY DN71od
    KB0LP Dave Centennial CO DM79mo
    KB0MPG Grover Aurora CO DM79or
    KB0NAV Randy Nederland CO DM79gw
    KB0QC Rich Fort Lupton CO DN70oc
    KB5UBU Dan -unknown- CO DM79
    KC0GDN Ian Arvada CO DM79lt
    KC0MEZ Mary Aurora CO DM79oq
    KC0RBT Jim Fort Collins CO DN70kn
    KC7GOL Jerald Peyton CO DM79sb
    KD0BRA Bob Bailey CO DM79hk
    KD0CJS Brett Milliken CO DN70ni
    KD0EGD Rolf Loveland CO DN70kk
    KD0HR Durbin Fort Collins CO DN70ln
    KD0JLE Steve Morrison CO DM79kp
    KD0NKG Ron Greeley CO DN70pk
    KD0NPT Bill Aurora CO DM79op
    KD0YOB Peter Monument CO DN79
    KD0YOR Matt Greeley CO DN70pk
    KD7SU Ron Cheyenne WY DN71od
    KE0AYJ Andy La Salle CO DN70pi
    KE0FGJ Roger Colorado Springs CO DM78ow
    KE0FHH Brandon Elizabeth CO DM79rn
    KE0KBS Dean Evans CO DN70pi
    KE5SO Joe Lakewood CO DM79kq
    KG0OR Gary Denver CO DM79mq
    KG6CNL Bill Longmont CO DN70le
    KI0AD Jim Colorado Springs CO DM78nu
    KI0FV Bill Denver CO DM79mu
    KI0ID Clay Aurora CO DM79oq
    KK0Q Dennis Westminster CO DM79lu item1 item2 item3 item4 item5
    KL7IZW Steve Colorado Springs CO DM79pc
    KL7YY Myron Colorado Springs CO DM78
    KN0MAP Dan Woodland Park CO DM79la
    KU0E Bill Westminster CO DM79lu
    KU1W Steve Broomfield CO DN70ke
    N0AKX Cho Englewood CO DM79np
    N0BF Steve Loveland CO DN70lj item1
    N0JRH Jeff Colorado Springs CO DM78nv
    N0KTZ Rusty Broomfield CO DM79lw
    N0PQV Terry Applewood CO DM79
    N0SP Dennis Coal Creek CO DM79hv occasionally QRV Aeronautical Mobile 144.2 MHz AM
    N0UVU Jim Colorado Springs CO DM78nu
    N0WAR Aaron Loveland CO DN70kj
    N0XDV Bill Milliken CO DN70jd
    N0XDX John Longmont CO DN70kd
    N5ANF Gary Englewood CO DM79mp item1
    N6KL Dave Niwot CO DN70jc
    N6MEJ Jerry Castle Rock CO DM79nj
    N7MJ Jack Cheyenne WY DN71pd
    NQ0L John Franktown CO DM79pj item1 item2 item3 item4 item5
    W0BA Art Fort Collins CO DN70km item1
    W0CLF Chris Georgetown CO DM79dr
    W0DON Don Greeley CO DN70pj
    W0EDW Dave Thornton CO DM79mv
    W0FGG Curt Arvada CO DM79ku
    W0FT Rob Loveland CO DN70kj
    W0GSQ Steve Northglenn CO DM79mv
    W0MTZ Furman Northglenn CO DM79mr
    W0SBS Tony Brighton CO DN70pa
    W0TKX Dave Evergreen CO DM79ho
    W6OAL Dave Parker Hylands CO DM79ql
    W7DKZ Paul Loveland CO DN70ki
    W7EIN Gregg Cheyenne WY DN71od
    W7IJN Doug Eastlake CO DM79mw
    W9KFB Ron Aurora CO DM79no runs a TAPR HDSDR rig + transverter
    WA0SPM Gary Lafayette CO DM79kx
    WA3QLW Leslie Elizabeth CO DM79qj
    WA6WON Tom Taos NM DM76ej
    WB0GAZ Dave Denver CO DM79oq QRV occasionally from W0DLE DM78cu Hartsel, CO
    WB0RRU Dave Colorado Springs CO DM78rt
    WB0ZVE Bill Fort Collins CO DN70lm
    WB5PJB Gary Castle Rock CO DM79oi
    WB7TGI Bob Greeley CO DN70
    WB9KPT Bill Evergreen CO DM79ip
    WD0FVV Mike Parker CO DM79om
    WU7G Jim Cheyenne WY DN71oe
    WV0H Myron Broomfield CO DM79lw item1
    WY7HR Bob Cheyenne WY DN71od
    WY7KY Tom Cheyenne WY DN71pe