Let us not give up meeting together, but let us encourage one another... Hebrews 10:25
To learn more about the Beam Spinners amateur radio group please check in to our Net.
We're a friendly group, enjoy all types of VHF propagation enhancements and would enjoy your company.
Join us Monday - Sunday 8 AM mountain time on 144.2 MHz USB.
Everyone: please help adjust the virtual Beam as net-control turns, on The Hub menu, to help DX know when to best transmit.

May I suggest:

  1. Your antenna really should be Horizontally Polarized to match the majority of operators on 2m SSB/CW, plus horizontal antennas get an inherent +5dB 'ground gain' for free from ground reflection.

    If one antenna is perfectly cross-polorized to another, the direct path loss was measured at -36dB (by professional broadcast engineers), compared to direct path using same polarity! That's the difference between a 4kW signal and a 1W signal! If you do not have a direct path; cross polarity loss varies as multiple indirect paths (via reflections/refractions) can skew polarity, and/or have signal enhancements/losses from temporal phase shifts among differing air boundaries. So it's obviously a HUGE advantage to be on horizontal polarity with the other 2m SSB/CW stations.

  2. Jump start your VHF activity

    Net control will ask if you would like to work DX (and locals) that you can hear in the region that emerge daily.
    Frequent NET control Ops:
            OJ: K0OJ
    Duncan: WE7L

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